Our Equipments

SDE has several high-tech equipment for various testing and consultancy services. Some of regularly used equipments

It occasionally happens that doubts about the integrity and length of concrete and sheet piling arise only after the structure is complete. The pile heads are no longer accessible and other nondestructive test methods are of little use. The Parallel Seismic test has been developed as a test that can be used when the pile is still connected to the superstructure.

A technique characterized by the use of pressurized fluid jet to hydraulically form a solidified in situ element known as Soilcrete either before or concurrent with the addition of the grout material to (Soilcrete is a specialized cementitious slurry mixture designed specifically for soil stabilization/ modification). Jet grouting is currently utilized throughout the world as a soil improvement technique.

Reinforcement of concrete is an important part for RCC buildings. To evaluate the existing embedded reinforcement for assessing any RCC structure scanning is very important test. It is a non destructive test and also used for checking the concrete clear cover. The mechanism of ferro scanning is almost like X-ray of human body.

An ultrasonic pulse velocity is an in-situ, nondestructive test to check the quality of concrete and natural rocks. This test is conducted by passing a pulse of ultrasonic wave through concrete to be tested and measuring the time taken by pulse to get through the structure. Higher velocities indicate good quality and continuity of the material, while slower velocities may indicate concrete with many cracks or voids. The application of this test are,

A Laser Distance Meter sends a pulse of laser light to the target and measures the time it takes for the reflection to return. For distances up to 30m, the accuracy is É3mm. On-board processing allows the device to add, subtract, calculate areas and volumes and to triangulate.

A Schmidt hammer, also known as a Swiss hammer or a rebound hammer, is a device to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock, mainly surface hardness and penetration resistance. The Schmidt hammer is an arbitrary scale ranging from 10 to 100. Schmidt hammers are available from their original manufacturers in several different energy ranges. The rebound hammer test method is used for the following purposes: